Our Services

DSA Furnishings is here to help you select the appropriate furniture for your specific needs.

  • DSA Furnishings is a complete resource for non-residential furnishings.
  • If we don't already carry the products you need, we'll find them for you.
  • We can arrange for delivery to your specified location. There may be an additional charge.
  • We can arrange to have your order assembled and installed. An installation charge may apply.
  • We can provide assistance with your furniture layout and space planning.
  • We can provide detailed product information and specifications when required.
  • We can work with architects and interior designers to provide complete turnkey operations.

Service and more!

At DSA Furnishings, we're happy to go the extra distance for our customers. We won't limit our service to selling furniture. Here's what else we'll do:

  • Locating Special Products:

    • DSA Furnishings already represents an extensive collection of product lines, but if you're still looking for more, we'll do our best to find what you're looking for.
  • Delivery

    • Depending on the destination and the size of the order, DSA Furnishings will source the most economical and reliable means of delivering your goods, or use the service that you prefer.
  • Assembly and Installation

    • DSA Furnishings can arrange for the assembly and/or installation of furniture settings, depending on the specific products involved. Please call for further details.
  • Layout and Space Planning

    • Determining whether or not certain items will fit into your layout, or where to place furniture for the most efficient flow of traffic can be a daunting task. As professionals in the business, we can help you avoid the most common mistakes.
  • Product Information and Specifications

    • When details are required, from colour choices to dimensions or maximum weight capacity, DSA can supply you with all the information you need. Partnering When space planning and design is being handled by the professionals - architects, interior designers and decorators - DSA Furnishings can work in partnership with them to complete the installation. The earlier on in the process this partnership is started, the easier it is to ensure that the space and furnishings will complement each other perfectly. Call us about a consultation.